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About my STUDIO

Beverly Whipple

Owner/ Designer


Design is in my genes. My Grandfather had an ad in the first Sports Illustrated magazine (Brunswick Bowling!) and my dad taught me most everything I know, he's currently a designer at a newspaper firm. I found myself just knowing I wanted to be creative. 

After achieving my AA in Graphic Communications I held down a position where I was the only in-house designer for a small phonebook company that produced 7 phonebooks for local states and areas. There I learned not only how to have a quick turnaround but also a nice finished look. 

Since then, I started Twisted Pixels to keep my hands in the graphic design industry but ultimately moving on to learn other things in life. I like to help out local businesses by keeping my rates low and my designs fresh. Though I'm now a full time REALTOR® I always make time to do design work as it is one of my first loves and passions. Now, let's get Twisted! -Beverly

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